Hahaha you don’t have to unfollow yourself from my tumblr for me to keep you out of my mind.

Erase you, check. Wait, been checked(:


I’ve always loved these pics of this girl :3


I’ve always loved these pics of this girl :3

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Audi V10 R8 + GT conversion - by: Marcel Lech


"Talk dirty to me"


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Anonymous said: Holy fuck you are so cute

Thank you Bunche 😊 my momma blessed me with good genes

imtalkingdreamsbaby said: That photo with you next to Katy Perry is perfect. You're such a cutieee!

Awe thank you. I absolutely adore KP haha she’s my fantasy 😍

My secret lover and I😘

My secret lover and I😘

When you think the people you love the most will always be there, is when they seem to always slip away. I feel like the only people I’ve kept in my life are Cellie and Michelle. Those are the two friends that always make sure I’m doing okay. The rest of everyone, well, they just drifted away in the clouds of drugs and the fumes of chemicals they’re so absorbed in—it sucks, but I’ve learned I need healthier people in my life. Life has a weird way of doing things

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